Lovely to see you!

Lovely to see you!


Imagine you’re in central Warsaw. The famous Mokotowska street is bustling with the sound of heels against the pavement, chatter, and the low whir of cars slowly passing by. You stop in front of big glass doors, buzzing “1” on the intercom. A hiss comes out of the loudspeaker, swiftly followed by a familiar beep. You enter and walk up the stairs. You open the wooden door, and a smell of fresh coffee invites you in. Welcome to NAGO.

Since NAGO’s very beginnings, we have always dreamt of our own special space, a place we could invite our Customers to. We knew we wouldn’t like a typical shop or showroom interior. More than a sales floor, we cared about the ambience and the unique character of the space.

Our boutique, located in a spacious apartment on the first floor of a pre-war building, is where you can experience the coolness of Tencel™, feel the softness of cotton or gentleness of cashmere against your own skin. 
We’re open Monday through Friday between 11:00 and 19:00 and on Saturdays between 11:00 and 16:00. 

Warsaw, Mokotowska 46a/1


Phone number: +48 797 404 038