Fall for elegance

Fall for elegance

NAGO Fall collection is a tribute to elegant simplicity. Timeless styles, the highest quality materials and comfort, which are the main values of NAGO. Contrasting stitching on dresses, leggings or bodysuits are a reference to sports clothes. Thanks to subdued colors and high-quality organic cotton, they gain elegance, while still remaining comfy and flattering, no matter what shape you are.  

When preparing a photo shoot of our Fall collection, we were looking for an unique, stylish place that would emphasize the elegant nature of our projects with its interior. We chose a modernist gem, full of extraordinary mosaics, specific to the 1960s. Studio S2 for recording classical and film music, operating at Concert Studio of Polish Radio, was opened in 1991, but its interior takes us to much more distant times. It is not a coincidence, because the building and interior was design by Stanisław Bieńkuński in 1957 and the atmosphere of those years is certainly floating in the air.

Corridors lined with cold polished marble lead to warm, chic interiors with oak parquet floors and elegant solid wood cladding. It harmonizes with the leading colors of NAGO Fall collection. Stone mosaics are the perfect background for deep Onyx Black with contrasting cobalt stitching. The warm wood and Cinnamon - color of our organic materials - are also a well-chosen duo.

As you can see, NAGO Fall drop is perfect for date nights, hangouts with friends or days at the office. However, we wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t make sure that they would also be your most comfy pieces, just as much as a pair of favorite sweats. 

Photo: Michaela Metesová

Model: Paulina Mania Oleszczuk / Uncover Models

Make-up & hair: Ewelina Klećkowska

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