Since its beginning, NAGO has created collections thanks to which women are well-dressed and feel good in what they are wearing. The latest project NAGO Women is the quintessence of the brand's philosophy, for which every woman, regardless of her size, figure type or skin color, is unique.

We invited ten different women and their children for our latest NAGO WOMEN photo shoot. The photo session featured women from many generations, of different skin color or figure. What unites them is the strength and celebration of being a woman, and the choice of a brand that creates clothes in accordance with the idea of sustainable development, taking care of the planet.

As NAGO's co-founder Julia Turewicz says: "At NAGO we believe that every woman is beautiful. That is why we decided to create a photo shoot for which we invited 10 extraordinary women and their daughters. Each of them is unique and we celebrate it. Casting and photography for the project was done by our photographer Michaela Metesova."

The latest models of clothes and already known bestsellers are the answer to different needs of women. They will be suitable for both sport activities, active life in the city or moms, who look for comfort and functionality in clothes. Among the products shown in the pictures you will find high-waisted panties made of certified organic cotton with an elastic waistband, classic and more sensual bodysuits, biodegradable and natural cardigans with buttons made of coconut shells, as well as dresses. The color palette is very wide. From classic colors such as onyx black, brandy rose, sandshell to goji red, basalt or lemon yellow. 

Photos and Production: Michaela Metesová
Styling: Charlotte Tomaszewska

Hair: Marta Kuśmierek

MUA: Ewelina Klećkowska

Models: Natalia Bui, Olga Urbowicz, Zoi Michailova, Nika Kimaty, Jagoda Porębska, Pola Łangowska with daughters Zosia i Alicja, Karolina Kamińska with daughter Alicja, Barbara Stanislawska, Michalina Bolach, Lea Comp

Photographer's Assistant: Michał Zajączkowski

Production Assistant: Kacper Żuk

MUA Assistant: Natalia Brzęczkowska

Stylist Assistants: Martyna Oryszak, Wiktoria Szczepanowska